At Allen Funeral Home we offer services designed to meet the needs of the families we serve.  The service you wish to arrange can be as individualized as the person themselves or perhaps just like the service one of your grandparents might have had.  Just what that service is will depend on you, the consumer. 

How to decide the type of service you wish leads to many questions.  Sometimes, a person may not even be sure what questions need to be asked.  The professional staff of Allen Funeral Home is prepared to help quide you through the process and help you plan the memorial service for your loved one so that when you look back in time, you will be confident that the plans you made were the right ones for your family.

But just what are the options available today?  How do you go about deciding what is the right option and how much could the costs be?  Let's explore some of the possible answers.

The types of services most commonly requested today are either traditional burial services or cremation.  A traditional burial is the type of service a family might choose if they wish to have a period of viewing the body placed in a casket, a formal gathering for a funeral service and finally a procession to a cemetery for ground interment or placing in a mausoleum.  The funeral director helps to coordinate these services with the cemetery, the minister and others that might be asked to participate.  Some families wish to have this type of service but may opt to do visiting and services all in one day or perhaps a simple graveside service.  Depending on the type of service selected will help determine what some of the cost will be.

Another choice for families would be cremation.  Once considered to be a less acceptable method of disposition, today's society has a different approach to cremation.  Many families that choose cremation also like to select some of the same customs of a traditional service, such as formal visiting and a funeral service.  The main difference would be that at the conclusion of the funeral service instead of going to a cemetery the cremation process takes place.  Final disposition is then held at a later date.

Whatever the type of service is right for you or your family,  Allen Funeral Home has the experience, facility and expertise to help you make the decisions that will serve your need.  We invite you to ask questions and let us answer any inquiry you may have.  With our new facility, we can offer not only a traditional funeral setting but operate Southern Indiana's newest and most modern cremation facility on site.  Your more than welcome to stop by and view our facilty and see exactly the setting we have created.